Welcome to Fruitsnbeans Mountain Resort

Nestled in the Palani hills of Tamil Nadu, amidst sylvan and serene surroundings is Ammikulavi Estate, wherein our resort is located. The Palani hill range is the eastern region in the widest part of the entire western ghats- (athirapalli in kerala to kanninvadi in tamil nadu - 120 km wide). The Western Ghats, as you may know is one of the top bio-diversity hot spots of the world. The estate is off the beaten track, yet easily accessible.

Premium high range Arabica Coffees have been grown here for more than a hundred years. Oranges- ( loose jacket mandarin) and Pepper- (piper nigrum) have been added more recently, making it a fully functional, multi-cropping estate.

Silviculture is practised here. Sandal, Rose, Teak, Mangium, Cedar, Silver oak, Jack and other tropical hard woods are grown along with the indigenous forest trees. The estate is blessed with two perennial streams crisscrossing its lands, which swell into rivers during the monsoons. At 4000 feet above mean sea level, it has ideal climatic conditions throughout the year, temperature ranges from 18’C to 30’C in summer and 9’C to 22’C in winter. Its diverse and varied flora and fauna make it an absolute delight for the nature lover.

The fruitsnbeans mountain resort was conceived to provide comfort and relaxation to that nature lover in the semi wilderness.

“A traditional coffee estate is a highly structured forest managed by people.”